The Vulnerable Children Society

About the Vulnerable Children Society

We believe that every person should be able to live to their fullest potential.  To dream a bigger dream for themselves, and for their families. Every person has the same worth, and the same basic needs. We believe we have a responsibility to help those that need help the most, even if they are across the globe.

Our mission is to enrich children’s lives,
breaking them out of the cycle of poverty and providing them a chance at a fulfilling life.


The Vulnerable Children Society is a registered Canadian charity (#810826917RR0001). We were incorporated in 2010 as a society in the Province of British Columbia, and in 2011, we received our federal registered charity status. We file annual reports with both the province of BC and the federal Canadian Revenue Agency. Our board of director and annual general meeting minutes are posted on this website, along with our financial statements.

Our organization is operated by volunteers. They liaise with in-country NGO partners, negotiate funding agreements, manage finances, visit projects, operate our social enterprise, implement marketing and communications activities, nurture relationships with sponsors and donors, and much more.

Our Values

These values were developed in consultation with our membership and board of directors, and finalized at our first annual general meeting in 2010.


Sustainability represents our long-term commitment to vulnerable children in impoverished African countries. We have set ourselves up to for the long haul, from our governance to our financial structure. Our decisions are as responsible as we can make them, with positive social and environmental impacts.


Compassion makes the foundation of why we do what we do. Compassion isn’t feeling sorry for others who are less fortunate, or some kind of righteous benevolence. Instead, we have a grounded understanding that, with a slight twist of fate, we or our loved ones could be in their place. We have a responsibility to act for those who are vulnerable and in need of help.


Transparency is the way that we are accountable to the children we help, our partners and our supporters. We ensure appropriate confidentiality and privacy for the vulnerable children and families we serve. Constant and two-way communication with our partners and supporters allows us to make informed decisions with our stakeholders’ concerns in mind.


Impact ensures the needs of children and families are met, our supporters’ money is well spent, and our partners’ wisdom shapes our priorities. We believe that each child has value, and our impact is measured in accordance with our mission: If we have provided for the welfare or enriched the life of a child, then we have been successful for that child.

Financial Management

The Vulnerable Children Society has a prudent, practical approach to financial management. We operate according to the following principles:


Monthly sponsors and donors are members of the Vulnerable Children Society. We communicate with our members via email and social media (Facebook and Instagram); updates and articles are also posted on our website.Our annual general meeting takes place via Zoom in December, and all members are welcome to attend.


The Vulnerable Children Society was founded in 2010 by six women, all joined by a common love and sense of responsibility for children in Africa. Years later, our organization continues to be managed by a dynamic team of five volunteers. Our strengths as a working board are our diversity of skills, our passion, and our trust in each other.

Please contact us at if you have questions about the Vulnerable Children Society.

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