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We welcome people of all ages to get to work using your creativity, skills and resourcefulness to organize fundraising activities and events in your school, place of worship or community.

Fundraising Ideas

You can fundraise any way you want – it’s totally up to you! Below is a list of ideas; feel free to explore other ideas too! 

You can fundraise at your school or place of worship, within any teams, groups or clubs to which you belong, or in your community. As part of your planning, be sure to get permission from the people in charge before you proceed. 

Be sure to promote your fundraising activities and events, to generate interest and raise awareness. Remember to post photos of your fundraising activities and events on social media, as this helps build momentum.

Recruit your friends and family to help you. If you’re planning an event, assign tasks to each person, and follow-up with them regularly to make sure they are getting the work done. Don’t forget to thank them afterwards!


The Vulnerable Children Society is a volunteer-run organization. If you would like to contribute your time and talents to our fundraising and/or operational activities, or if you’re a member and would like to apply to join our board of directors, please contact us at or fill out the form below!

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