The Vulnerable Children Society

Projects & Programs

By supporting holistic programs for vulnerable children and teens in Ethiopia, we give them the tools they need to reach their full potential and turn their dreams in realities.

Over the years, we’ve partnered with the following innovative and highly-respected NGOs:

Real Humanitarian - Love & Hope Center

(2012 to Present)

The Vulnerable Children Society’s Love & Hope Centre provides educational, health and social support to some of Ethiopia’s most at-risk urban children.

Located in Kality, near Addis Ababa, the Centre welcomes 70 bright and eager children every day after school. They enjoy a hot meal, get help with their homework, tend to the garden, participate in sport and club activities, and explore the arts. Best of all, they play with their friends! Learn more about the Love & Hope Center here!

Hope for Children in Ethiopia - New Life Girls Program

(2012 to 2022)

New Life Girls rescues teen girls from forced prostitution. This year-long program focuses on holistic care. The girls are given the choice of career training in hairdressing, food preparation or sewing. In addition to skills development, the girls are given life skills training, mentorship, counselling, and a chance at a new life. Learn more about the New Life Girls program here!