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Our Child Updates are Live!

Our Child Updates are Live!

We are excited to share a new addition to the Vulnerable Children Society website: the VCS Hub! The VCS Hub is a special area of our website where we will post regular child updates, making it easier than ever to access updates on the children you sponsor and learn about the impact of your donation from the children who benefit. The VCS Hub is a secure page available to our donors to ensure information remains private.

Updates include information related to each child’s family, age, school grade, favourite subjects, participation in clubs and programs offered through the Love and Hope Centre, and the impact that the programs have for each child. Each update also includes a special note to the sponsor for each child.

You will find a link to our Hub in the top right corner of our homepage to view the latest child updates. If you are a current sponsor, you will have a user account and will receive information sharing how you can access the Hub. We invite you to check back every other week to see how your sponsorship is helping students reach their full potential.

We want to thank our current sponsors again for sponsoring the Love and Hope Centre, which provides educational, health and social support to some of Ethiopia’s most at-risk urban children. Located in Kality, near Addis Ababa, the Love and Hope Centre welcomes 70 bright and eager children every day after school. They enjoy a hot meal, get help with their homework, tend to the garden, participate in sport, and club activities, and explore the arts. Best of all, they play with their friends.

The Vulnerable Children Society funds the Love and Hope Centre through our partner, Real Humanitarian. The Centre is operated by a dedicated Ethiopian staff. If you are new to VCS and interested in supporting this special space and its wonderful activities, please connect with us.