The Vulnerable Children Society

Canadian Humanitarian

The Vulnerable Children Society’s Love & Hope Centre provides educational, health and social support to some of Ethiopia’s most at-risk urban children. 

Located in Kality, near Addis Ababa, the Centre welcomes 70 bright and eager children every day after school. They enjoy a hot meal, get help with their homework, tend to the garden, participate in sport and club activities, and explore the arts. Best of all, they play with their friends! 

The Centre has facilities where the children can brush their teeth daily, and shower weekly. It also provides medical care, and counselling.

This is a warm and accepting environment for children and their guardians, many of whom are ostracized by the greater community due to poverty and/or health challenges.

The Vulnerable Children Society funds the Love & Hope Centre through our partner, Canadian Humanitarian. The Centre is operated by a dedicated Ethiopian staff.

How you can help:

For just $35 CAD / month, you can help sponsor the Love & Hope Centre. If you sign up to receive email communications, you’ll receive regular updates about the deserving children who attend the Centre, and see how your sponsorship is helping them reach their full potential.

Using the form below you can become a Love & Hope Centre sponsor:

Donations are tax deductible in Canada.

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